Saturday, April 29, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017 -- Yusuke Urameshi #atozchallenge

To die to save a life can be noble especially if the person doing the saving is an unrepentant street fighter and slacker with a cruddy home life.  This is what happens to Yusuke Urameshi in Yu Yu Hakusho.

He found out that the boy he tried to save would have survived without his interference so his death was basically in vain as Botan tells him. She then goes to explain that he could come back to life since his death was unexpected although the conditions to return were strict.

After his return, he becomes a Spirit Detective for Koemna.

Yusuke's smart-mouth, delinquency, intimidation, fighting, and huge chip on his shoulder all conceal that he is a kind individual that loves his friends deeply.


And because this is the one of the final A to Z posts, here's a bit of trivia: the writer Togashi Yoshihiro is also the writer of Hunter X Hunter. He is also married to the writer of Sailor Moon Takeuchi Naoko.

Friday, April 28, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017 -- Xingese Prince #atozchallenge

Xingese Prince Ling Yao is the twelfth crown prince of Xing and is from the Anime Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Ling Yao is one of the new character that was introduced in this remake of FMA. 

 He comes from the kingdom of Xing, which is in a state of crisis and chaos.  He becomes involved with the Elric brothers and with the homunculi when he fuses with the Homunculus Greed. 

He ends up becoming a pivotal character in the series.

He travels from his home country of Xing to Amestris for the Philospher's Stone, which has similar characteristics as the one of fable. But to make this stone, it requires to a horrible sacrifice.  People in FMAB fight and die to find and have this stone.

He is highly trained in martial arts, which definitely comes in handy during the show. He also has studied the Xingese version of alchemy, which led him west to find the Philosopher's Stone. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017 -- Washu Habuki, Walter C. Dornez #atozchallenge

Washu is the 'mad scientist' of Tenchi Muyo and the other various Tenchi shows and spin-offs. She has a lab in the closet of Tenchi's house.

She was, at one time, a goddess. She sealed her powers and memories away and came down to the third dimension to study the multiverse.

Her life wends through thousands upon thousands of years as a three dimensional person. She becomes a mother but the father takes him away. She creates Kagato, Ryoko, and Ryo-Ohki.

When we see her in Tench Muyo she is in a childlike body.


Walter is the butler and somewhat bodyguard of Hellsing.

 He is known as the Angel of Death when he was in the field. He was a foul mouthed and callow youth, taunting his enemies and wantonly killing them. His weapon of choice was razor wires.

He grew out of the youth and turned into a dignified gentleman. He also produces the weapons that Alucard and Seras use. Now, he kills with swift efficiency.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017 -- Vegeta #atozchallenge

And we are back to the dulcet tones of grunting and yelling as warriors power up in another edition of Dragon Ball Z.  This time is the enemy turned Z Warrior, Vegeta, prince of all saiyans. (Of course, Frieza destroyed the saiyan planet and all the saiyans are dead except for Goku and Vegeta, but really does that matter to royalty.

Vegeta is as arrogant as the mountains under the ocean are high and an ego as long as the distance between the moon and sun. He thinks he's the best of the best because he is prince.  He doesn't understand how Goku can be more powerful.

Vegeta comes to Earth to take it over and sell it, which gets all the Z warriors involved.  After the epic showdown between Goku and Vegeta, Goku lets him go despite Krilin's warning to kill him.  Goku proves that he is right when Vegeta helps them on Namek later.

His quest to beat Goku becomes one of the long running threads in the series. It goes from pride's sake to one where he wants to push himself farther.

He returns to Earth, still cold and snotty and ruthless.  He slowly mellows as time goes by. He even becomes a family man. A hardened warrior going to an amusement park with his son. Yeah, not something I pictured either but it happens.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017 -- Undertaker #atozchallenge

What can i say about Undertaker other than he is the weirdest, most eccentric, and strange character that ever graced my tv screen.  He is morbid and sick and twisted. He is certifiable. He is also one of the Reapers like Grell and William.  He just doesn't hang out with them anymore busies himself as an undertaker in the in the human world in the Anime Black Butler.

Grell and other Reapers call him a deserter.

He worked as a Reaper for a long time, becoming tired of the 'end'. He decided experiment.

He tried to connect false records to the Cinematic Records of deceased individuals.  Cinematic Records are the records of the souls. So when you
hear the turn your life flashing before your eyes, thats what you're seeing according to this anime.

Undertaker as Reaper
His experiement became the first Bizarre Doll. They are not truly alive but are only "Flesh dolls without a self".

Moreover, he knew Ciel's father, and is one of the members of Aristocrats of Evil, who strike down the forces of evil in the underworld that affect polite society.

Monday, April 24, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017 -- Tomoe, Takigawa Houshou #atozchallenge

Who wouldn't want a beautiful fox demon as your servant? A handsome and powerful fox that caters to your every whim.  In Kamisama Kiss, Tomoe was once a wild fox that became a familiar to Mikage, the Land God.

But that is not where the story begins. It begins with a homeless girl receiving the powers from Mikage (mee-kah-jay) and the chaos that ensues from a mortal becoming a land God.  Tomoe (toe-moe-ay) hates the thought of a human at the shrine but Nanami (nah-nah-mee) takes no bull and forced him back into servitude with a kiss.

The rest of the series has a bit of a reverse haremish group of gorgeous and handsome demons with a back story of hundreds of years and a complex timeline I will not even try to explain. There are misadventures with gods, sea creatures, tengu, and other various immortal beings.

Tomoe has the ability to come off as hateful and cold, arrogant, prideful, and elegant, but he has his moments of childish jealousy and other moments where you can see the hurt, vulnerability, and soft heart he hides away from prying eyes.


Takigawa Houshou is the guitar-wielding monk of Ghost Hunt. He left his temple home to be a bassist in a band before going back to become a full time monk.  He uses his spiritual powers as a side gig to help people.

Characterwise, he is laid back but can be serious when needed.

We first meet him as he was hired by Mai's school to exorcise the spirits along with Naru, Lin, Ayako, Masako, Father John Brown. He becomes one of the regulars of SPR (Shibuya Pyschic Research.

As a monk, he is strong and can lead the group when Naru is incapacitated. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017 -- Sesshomaru, Sebastian Michaelis, Shiroe #atozchallenge

Okay, he will be the odd man of the bunch today.  His name is Shiore. Before the Apocalypse, he was a graduate student in university studying engineering.  After the Apocalypse, he became the driving force of the Round Table Alliance, the breaking of exploitative guilds, and forming the new guild of Log Horizon.

His name is Shiroe. He is Half-Alv with the class of Enchanter-Scribe, which allows him to help his party members with his magic.  His Scribe class does something even greater in the series - a world changing something.

There are many monikers he is known by, but my favorite is the 'Villain in Glasses'. It is untrue though. He may come across as a Machiavellian schemer but he really only wants to make the lives of the Adventurers stuck in the world of Elder Tales better.

He was the strategist in the Debauchery Tea Party before their disbandment.  He becomes the 'shadow' leader of the Round Table. But he lets Krusty be the front man while making decisions and strategic maneuvers from behind.


Shesshomaru the full dog demon of the Anime Inuyasha and half brother of the main character of the same name.  He is the Lord of the West another the death of his father.  He despises weakness and most humans.  He carries a katana that has the ability to save a hundred people with one swipe. The Tenseiga is deemed useless by him because it cannot strike down a living person. He craves the sword Tetsusaiga, which was given to Inuyasha.

In one battle, he gets injured by Inuyasha and a little girl finds him and tries to take are of him. He finds her dead, but uses the Tenseiga to revive the girl. This is the first time Sesshomaru feels the compassion needed to use the sword. Rin becomes his traveling companion along with Jaken and Ah-Un the two-headed dragon.

He becomes sort of allies with the Inuyasha and company to fight the evil half-demon Naraku.

He even surpasses his father's power by creating a sword and regenerating his arm, which Inuyasha severed, as the show progresses.


Sebastian Michaelis is one hell of a butler in the Anime Black Butler. He is contracted to Ciel until such time that the contract is fulfilled and Sebastian eats Ciel's soul.

The crow demon protects his charge from those that want to hurt him, which is a tough assignment indeed. The life of Ciel is complicated to say the least. He works for the Queen to solve mysteries and crimes as he searches for the the people who murdered his parents.

He is extremely fond of cats and hates dogs.  So when Pluto becomes a mender of the household, he cringes and is disdainful.

He also suffers the misfit characters that run the household. One has a penchant for blowing up the kitchen, one can't see past the end of her nose, and the last tries to kill the gardens on a daily basis.  Only they were not recruited for their household skills.  They had other 'talents' Sebastian required.