Monday, September 3, 2018


Hi everyone.

Yes, I've been absent for a long time.

I've been grinding hard on the whetstone of life.

Work has been a big thing with Summer Reading Program in June and July. It was a blast. We did rocks, fossils, geodes, clay sculptures, and music. The theme this year was Libraries Rock.  Very easy to interpret into different things like music and geology.

And before that, I was having fun creating a new manga and light novel collection with grant funds for the library. Yes, it sounds horrible. Our public library has had no manga or graphic novels for the entirety of my life until last year.

I was a kid in a candy store! There are so many series that I couldn't make up my mind to get. But I had a poll I did and narrowed it down.

 I have Fairy Tail, Assassination Classroom, Death Note, Black Butler, SAO, and, of course Dragon Ball. As some of my shonen series.  Ouran HSHS, Black Bird, and some smaller shojo series.  For the kiddos, I got Legend of Zelda, Yokai Watch, and a host of new Disney/Tokyo Pop manga.

All in all, my colleague and I processed about 600+ manga on top of the regular monthly orders throughout 2017.

I've been reading quite a a bit too. My new obsession is light novels.  There are so many out there now. According to an article from Japanese Times, Yen On (a manga and light novel imprint of Hatchette Book Group) has had give or take a 1000% increase in four years.

I am definitely on this bandwagon. I love Sword Art Online, Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon ?!, Death March To a Parallel World Rhapsody, No Game No Life, Your Name, Log Horizon, Arifureta, Irregular at Magic High School, I've Been Killing Slime For 300 Years and I Maxed Out My Level.

Many series are in the Isekai genre,  Isekai is the "I died and got reincarnated into another world. I was transported to another world. I was sucked into a video game world." or any variation on that theme.

In my experience so far, I find I want to read the books after watching the anime. Death March was one such series.  The anime only from book 1-3. There are now six books published. And now I hope the anime gets a second season so I can watch the next books come to life again.

Wow, that was a huge tangent I went off on.  Heh heh heh.

Anyway, that has been my life for the last while.

If you're a manga or anime fan give some light novels a try. If you are new to the light novel franchise,  there worlds to explore that can only be found in them.

If you have a favorite or want to ask about mu latest obsession, give me a buzz.

Monday, February 19, 2018


I just found the live action Fullmetal Alchemist movie on Netflix!!

So watching it as I type!

For those who do not know, FMA was created as an anime in the late 90s as well as a remake called FMA Brotherhood in the 2000s.  It was based on the manga of the same name.

There are anime movies as well as ovas for each series.

This has been on my watch list since the news of its production was released.

If it is as awesome as I hope, this will be a preorder.

Already two things I know will happen that will destroy me.  All I will say is Hughes and Shou Tucker.  Those that have seen the anime will know and those who haven't will not be spoiled.

I will now go hide with my tissues and blankie waiting to bawl my eyes out without regret or remorse.

Friday, December 22, 2017


As yesterday was the Solstice, I'm wishing everyone a wonderful winter.

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Hey everyone! Happy Halloween, Samhain, Dios de los Muertos, and whatever else you want to celebrate!

This is my post for the NLA-MPLA 2017 (Nevada Library Association- Mountain Plains Library Association) conference that took place in Tahoe.  It was three days of Hard Rock, Harveys, and librarians from all over the states.

We arrived for the early bird sessions.  I went to the Early Literacy one. It was an eye-opening session. It made me think about how important it is for kids to be happy and supported and to help them to learn to read.  I loved the booklet that was given to us. It is a very useful tool.

The vendors were all amazing. The A.W.E. station and the book vendors were really interesting.  The swag was awesome.

My favorite had to be the Rocky Mountain Puppets.  Their presentation was enjoyable and I loved every minute of it.  I hope we have the chance to get them here.

I was sad to miss the book signing with Dan Bar-el, but luckily, he was nice enough to sign extra books for those that couldn't make it.  He was one of the NYRA (Nevada Young Readers' Award) winners this year.

We stayed in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.  There was a place to get good coffee. Needed my fix of chemical dependence or I can't function as a human.

We had a lovely dinner and lunch at the Lucky Beaver just across the street and a couple of doors down. Yummy, yummy food and some 'unique' titles for their meals.

All and all, I had a wonderful time with lots of fascinating information and great people.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017 -- Reflections #atozchallenge

So I was hedging on whether to do A to Z this year.  I was totally not going to do it.  Then, I watched Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale in theaters on March 9th.  It was a fantastic edition to the SAO franchise.  I loved it.  I love the anime and the light novels.

It inspired and excited me so much that the idea for this year's theme popped into my head then and there.

Thus, I ended up changing my mind.

So I did a headlong frenzy of name finding. I internet searched anime lists, I scoured my anime shelves and manga books, and racked my brain to find those ever elusive Q and X letters.

I had to hedge on only one this year. Stupid X.  But my X post happens to be in my top ten of absolute favorites. So, all was cool. I was happy about it once I resigned that there wasn't an X anime character name that I had watched and liked.

My first post was prewritten on March 13th and it went on from there. I finally got Y (yes, I finished Z before Y) on April 26th.

But the most wonderful thing was I didn't get sick in the midst of April like I usually do. So that was fantastic.

So onto the awesome and not so awesome.

Thank you everybody who visited my blog this year.  Real life kicked my bootie this year with Summer Reading Program prep as well as other catastrophies.  So I couldn't get to other blogs as much as I wanted. I wish I could have visited more but life before fun sometimes.

I really, really missed the linky list.  It was handy to tab out 10 or more blogs and see what was happening on them.  I had a few regulars but not many new ones popping up on my blog this year.

So that was the not so awesome.

The awesome was there were some amazing A to Z blogs I did find. There was the snarky and hilarious posts about Mythology, Hair Bands, and Folklore.

Here are some of the anime characters that didn't make the list that I love as well:

Agil - Sword Art Online
Amon - Witch Hunter Robin

Creed Disketh - Black Cat
Chidori Kaname - Full Metal Panic

Ein - Cowboy Beebop
Edgar - Earl and Fairy

Gintaru - Gingitsune
Goku - Dragon Ball

Hiei - Yu Yu Hakusho
Hagi/Haji - Blood+
Hayate - Pretear

Yuuko Ichihara - XXXHolic

Karma Akabane - Assassination Classroom
Kurapika - Hunter X Hunter
Krusty - Log Horizon
Klein - Sword Art Online

Levi - Attack on Titan

Mikona Modoki - XXXHolic and Tsubasa
Mamoru Kusanagi - Blue Seed
Major Motoko Kusanagi - Ghost in the Shell

Lucrezia Noin - Gundam Wing

Okarin - Stein's Gate

Ryo-Ohki - Tenchi Muyo
Raven - Earl and Fairy

Sephiroth - Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
Sadao Maou - The Devil is a Part Timer

Twilight Sazuka - Outlaw Star
Trunks - Dragon Ball Z
Thoth - Kamigami no Asobi

Vincent Valentine - Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

Yu Kanda - D Grayman
Heero Yui - Gundam Wing

Sunday, April 30, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017 -- Zechs Merquise, Killua Zoldyck #atozchallenge

Zechs Merquise is the mysterious and gentlemanly OZ Gundam pilot. His past is hidden like his face behind a mask. He is one of the leaders of Oz in Gundam Wing.

He faces one of the five young Gundam pilots from the spaces colonies in combat, dueling him in the Arctic because their battle was interrupted.

He was once the crown prince of the Sanc Kingdom (say-nkt) whose family and kingdom was destroyed by the United Earth Sphere Alliance. Millardo Peacecraft died and Zechs was born.

He turns back on OZ when his sister Relana becomes a player in politics to end OZ's tyranny.


Killua Zoldyck is Gon's best friend in the Anime Hunter X Hunter.  He is also the shining star of the Zoldyck family of assassins. Seeing him for the first time, one wouldn't think so since he acts just like a normal teen. He calmly rides his skateboard as he initiates a conversation with Gon during the first test of the Hunter's Exam. Although there are a few subtle hints that he is more than he appears before the exam.

His parents have high hopes for him to become the next leader despite having older siblings.

This is a family that is beyond dysfunctional.  Torture as punishment (I mean whips and chains and other various devices) is like grounding for them. His father finally lets him return to his friends, knowing that letting him go would return him to the fold eventually.

Killua has no qualms about ripping hearts out of people when he's in a bad mood.

He changes when he meets Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio. He becomes stronger and softens at the same time. His loyalty to them puts him in harms way more than once.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017 -- Yusuke Urameshi #atozchallenge

To die to save a life can be noble especially if the person doing the saving is an unrepentant street fighter and slacker with a cruddy home life.  This is what happens to Yusuke Urameshi in Yu Yu Hakusho.

He found out that the boy he tried to save would have survived without his interference so his death was basically in vain as Botan tells him. She then goes to explain that he could come back to life since his death was unexpected although the conditions to return were strict.

After his return, he becomes a Spirit Detective for Koemna.

Yusuke's smart-mouth, delinquency, intimidation, fighting, and huge chip on his shoulder all conceal that he is a kind individual that loves his friends deeply.


And because this is the one of the final A to Z posts, here's a bit of trivia: the writer Togashi Yoshihiro is also the writer of Hunter X Hunter. He is also married to the writer of Sailor Moon Takeuchi Naoko.