Thursday, October 11, 2012


The Chuie, the Fluff and I were minding our own business as we stepped outside so they could do their . . . business.  =D

And then something jumps away from behind the barbeque.  I thought it was the feral black cat that usually hangs out around our house.  It was dark so all i saw in the thin porch light was fluffy black legs.  The cat, right?

WRONG!  It may be genetically linked to felines, but felines don't spray foul smelling musk.

Yeppers, our little visitor was a skunk!

Well, Fluff decided he had to go chase said beast as well as the Chuie.  So, zoom went Nascar-boy, ripping the leash out of my left hand.  It twisted with Pugsley's leash and WHACK! YELP! It smacks the poor dog in the side, sending her into the dirt.  She's all traumatized now and cowering and stuck in the middle of a tug-of-war with the Fluff and I.

So I watch helpless as Fluff gets it --- in the mouth!

He comes running to the back door, stinking, as the culprit goes running off into the night.

I bend down and he is foaming at the mouth like some rabid beast.  It was like a St. Bernard on crack!

So I give the dog leashes to my mom and got a bowl of water and proceeded to rinse my dog's mouth out like a naughty child.  Let's just say I had to unclamp his jaws.  Then my poor, idiot dog had to be locked into the shower with me as I washed his chest and neck (and all his other body parts since he needed a bath anyway) at 9:40 pm.

My mom phoned a friend who gave her a recipe for skunk removal: baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and shampoo.  Mix and plaster dog.  It didn't help with the mouth problem, but it worked wonders for the chest.

And so both he and I were soaked as we exited the bathroom.  After drying him off, he proceeded to go ape-poop crazy by rubbing his face in the towel, the blanket, the chair cover, the carpet, and the blanket on the floor.  the chair cover went from flat to a literal ball of material by the time he was done.

So I took out the doggie tooth brush and toothpaste and brushed his teeth.  He, of course, was fighting me every step of the way because he was angry at all the indignities I made him go through and the trauma I inflicted upon him in the shower.

Thankfully, he is over his humility and is his cocky self again.


And here is a random that just happened two seconds ago.  The was a dog outside.  A white dog with a black nose that was not ours, but was almost a spitting image of her.  Spooky. 

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