Sunday, January 27, 2013


I know everyone has that one friend that you lose track of and then find again, that is if you're lucky enough.

For me, I have a friend, whom I had a serious crush on when I was younger (not that he knew), that I lost track of, met up with him again, lost track of, and finally in this last two weeks found him again.

Maybe this time, I won't lose him this time around.

He's the one that makes me laugh at myself and just makes me laugh.  He teases and flirts outrageously with me.  It's not any guy that I will let say what he says to me and get away with it.  I would be such a mess psychologically without his friendship at a time in my life when I hated myself.

Hell, I'm still screwed up but not as much as I could have been.

He got me through a trauma I don't think he realized really happened.  I wrote it out in a short story and gave it to him to read. 

And, now that I've met up with him again, it's as if time hasn't passed.  We've aged, of course, but that's it.  We still make naughty references to each other just like when we were teens.

I'm glad that I found him.  My life was dull without him.  Now, it's a flirt fest an a half with as many laughs.

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