Saturday, April 2, 2016


It's late at night, you're on the bus minding your own business.  The bus let's on some passengers, but you don't pay attention. Suddenly, an elderly man gets up from his seat and starts yelling at you for no reason.
He gets physically violent.

The bus driver kicks you both off the bus, leaving you stranded with the old man. Angry now, you confront the old man, and he has the audacity to say that he saved your life.  How? you ask.

This is the urban legend Bus 302 from China.  Also called the Midnight Bus.

It has various versions, but in all of them the bus is doomed.

The young man learns from the old  man that the passengers that got on the bus had no feet.  They were spirits. The young man then learns that the bus had disappeared just after midnight and was never found again.

In a similar version, it was drunk man and an old man with all the other passengers being spirits.  The last version I found, had a female bus driver, three nasty robbers, and a poor guy who couldn't fight to save the woman's virtue.  The bus on this one is driven off a cliff.

Chinese ghosts are believed to flow when they walk, and that their heels don't touch the ground.  So, they have 'no feet'.
 A slight movement wakes you.  The small shift of bedding closer to your face.  You think that it was only whimsy and you close your eyes to go back to sleep.  Then you feel it again.  The bedding is moving on its own.

You try to escape but it's no use. You are thrown out of bed and crash to the floor. Then, the blanket wraps around your neck to strangle you.

This, my friends, is the Boroboro-ton, which basically translates  to tattered futon from the Japanese.

It appeared in 1781 in the Hyakki Tsurezure Bukuro, which was one of the books in the Gazu Hyakki Yagyō. This set of books featured spirits, ghosts, monsters, and beasts in folklore, art, and literature.

It is a Tsukumogami (artifact spirit).  Usually these yokai are objects that have been possessed by ghosts or spirits, or have been in use for 100 years.  It is believed by many that the object will then receive a soul. They then will look pristine despite its age.

If they feel ignored or neglected, that's when they will come alive and become monsters.

So, next time you wake up with the blankets wrapped tightly around you suffocatingly  . . . Beware! It might not be your imagination.  They really might be out to kill you!


  1. I had vaguely heard of the bus one, but not the details - creepy. Knew there was a reason I don't like buses. As for the second one - now at least I know why there is a reason the duvet sometimes appears to be trying to kill me ;).
    Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

    1. There are other versions in different countries. I found one from Japan and something similar in Pennsylvania, I believe.

      I only ride the in daylight when I have to ride them.

  2. I shall come back to your blog every day as I like good ghost stories. I featured ghosts in my Castle themed A-Z some years ago but of course these were all UK based,
    Thanks for visiting me.

    1. Why thank you for visiting.

      Hope to see you again.

  3. This one has all kinds of storytelling possibilities! What creepy fun. I'll definitely be back to this blog during the month of April! Looking forward to your next tale.

  4. The Night Bus - that's some creepy public transport - not something we have to worry about living in the country, our buses stop at 6pm! ;P We have loads of furniture and things in our house that have been in use for over 100 years, we better treat them with respect!
    Sophie's Thoughts & Fumbles | Wittegen Press | FB3X

    1. Yes, it is. We also have some things that are a century old.

      We don't have public uses in my home town. So I don't have to worry at all!

  5. Oh, creepy! I love these ones.

    At first, I thought you were describing a situation on one of our city buses. That kind of thing happens a lot, except no one ever gets kicked out because our drivers are given no power whatsoever.

    I like the idea of a bus of ghosts traveling to nowhere. :)

    1. Bus drivers in America have the power to kick off people. Of course bus drivers here have to take their lives in their hands just driving with all the crazies.

  6. I have heard of variations of the bus one involving a woman at a gas pump and the gas attendant calling her in because a masked murderer was waiting in her backseat. I'm pretty sure that story was being passed around FB as true, but since it's so similar to the bus legend above, I wonder how true it is.

    1. There's the one where the woman thinks the guy is trying to run her down in a car chase, but he's really trying to save her from the killer in the back seat. Haven't heard of the one you said.

  7. I always loved the idea of the Tsukumogami - the idea behind it that if an object is used for generations, it acquires a soul is just very appealing to me as a storyteller :)
    There is also a ghost street car in New Orleans, I think.

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    The Multicolored Diary

    1. i like the thought of tsukumogami too. it makes sense in a way.

      i have never heard of the ghost street car. hmm. verra interesting!

  8. Another fascinating read! That bus one is chilling! The Tsukumogami is quite interesting. I've felt blanket suffocation like that before.. I wonder... *laughs* I will be back for more!
    Best Wishes!

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    1. thank you! i love the creativity of myths and creatures from around the world. they are fascinating to me.

      i too have felt them wrap themselves around me.

  9. Sounds like a true M. Night Shyamalan tale...