Monday, April 17, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017 -- Abel Nightroad, Nanami Momozono #atozchallenge

Abel Nightroad is the bumbling main character in the Anime Trinity Blood.  It takes place in a  post-apocalyptic world where humans and Methuselah (vampires) are at odds. He is a caring priest in the Church, but he can become serious when the situation calls for it.

He may appear to be incompetent at his job  holds a dark secret inside him.

He is a Krusnik. A creature that is not man nor vampire. He has sentient nanomacines within him that turn him into a vampire that drinks from vampires.  In this form he has wings and a scythe made of his own blood.

He could destroy a city in this powerful form.


The long suffering Nanami Momozono was kicked out her apartment when her father ran away leaving tons of debt behind in the first episode of the Anime Kamisama Kiss.

She finds a home in the shrine of Mikage, the land god, but with a price. She ends up becoming the land god herself.

On top of that, yokai and spirits are trying to eat her because of her new found powers and her vulnerability as a mortal.

And yet, it gets even more complicated when Tomoe, the familiar of the shrine hates the very thought of having a human land god.

Her determination and perky attitude to help others causes her to get into mischief, which has Tomoe coming to the rescue.

And then the real fun begins.

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