Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017 -- Undertaker #atozchallenge

What can i say about Undertaker other than he is the weirdest, most eccentric, and strange character that ever graced my tv screen.  He is morbid and sick and twisted. He is certifiable. He is also one of the Reapers like Grell and William.  He just doesn't hang out with them anymore busies himself as an undertaker in the in the human world in the Anime Black Butler.

Grell and other Reapers call him a deserter.

He worked as a Reaper for a long time, becoming tired of the 'end'. He decided experiment.

He tried to connect false records to the Cinematic Records of deceased individuals.  Cinematic Records are the records of the souls. So when you
hear the turn your life flashing before your eyes, thats what you're seeing according to this anime.

Undertaker as Reaper
His experiement became the first Bizarre Doll. They are not truly alive but are only "Flesh dolls without a self".

Moreover, he knew Ciel's father, and is one of the members of Aristocrats of Evil, who strike down the forces of evil in the underworld that affect polite society.