Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017 -- Piccolo, Sailor Pluto #atozchallenge

Green-skinned and with a chip on his shoulder the size of Everest, my next character is an alien from the planet Namek.  His name is Piccolo. He is the 'son' of King Piccolo from the original series. (Trust me, you do not want to know how Namekians procreate.)

He and Goku have an epic battle at the end of Dragon Ball and then meet again five years later in Dragon Ball Z.  Despite the grudge he has, he is will become a reluctant ally against the new enemy, the Saiyans (say-yans) that shows up on Earth with Goku.

Eventually, he becomes one with Kami, the Guardian of Earth. Kami split the evil part of him out of his body, which became King Piccolo. This happens when an even deadlier foe is revealed after the Saiyans.


Sailor Pluto is called the 'Lonely Warrior' because she is alone and without companionship most of the time. She must guard the Space Time Door from invaders. Most of them don't even know she exists.

She is the sixth Sailor to be introduced in the Anime Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.  She is one of the Outer Senshi (sehn-shee, fighter, guardian warrior). Her coloring and powers are associated with the god Pluto.

Her father, it's said in the manga, is the God (not Titan) Cronos.

Her weapon is the Garnet Rod, which holds one of the talismans that can summon Sailor Saturn.

Her Earth name is Setsuna Meiou. 


  1. I keep checking your posts for names I might recognize in my old age (hahaha)... and FINALLY! Piccolo! I've seen him on Dragonball Z a few times (watching with my kids). But I admit, I was hoping to find Pikachu. He's more my speed. ;-)

    Trudy @ Reel Focus
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    1. yeah, i didn't even think about pikachu. he's one of my favorites, but i guess i wanted more peoples than critters.

      i know how that feels when i comes to newer music and the new actors on tv. feel out of the loop most of the time.

    2. Ah! I hadn't paid attention that the characters were always people, not critters. I usually can't recall their names, but reading about them on here can trigger my memory... like Piccolo.