Friday, April 7, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017 -- Fakir, Folken Fanel #atozchallenge

Fakir is one of the students of the Golden Crown Academy. He is one of the best dancers there. He is starts off as cold, possessive, and basically has a bad attitude. Duck gets the brunt of it a lot.

 He comes from the very ballet influenced Anime Princess Tutu.  The music and dancing play a huge role in this anime.

He is protective of Mythos to the point of obsession, but as he slowly learns the truth, he realizes that he needs to fix what his grandfather royally messed up.

He finds out Duck's many secrets and his heart turns toward her because of her courage and determination.

With Duck's help, he finds the strength in himself to do what has to be done despite the odds being against him and Duck.


Folken Fanel is from Escaflowne Anime.  He is the older brother of the main character, Van. He appears cold and calculating, but he loves his brother.

When the their father died, Folken went on the requisite dragon hunt, but never came back.  He was thought dead or a coward by those of Fanelia (fah-nay-lee-ah).

He was found by Zaibach (zeye-bahk) forces after being left for dead by the dragon.  He awoke to a cybernetic arm courtesy of Dornkirk and his scientists. He joined them and became Dornkirk's top man.

He used every tactic to get Van to join Zaibach, but Van would not budge.


  1. Wow love the graphics and love the dancing aspect. I am working on a piece about dancing. Check it out some time. It's basically about a young choreographer who is battling with addiction.


    1. You should watch it Trin. Some people can't get over the name, but it's really good and I'd recommend it to anyone. Especially writers.

    2. Yeah Trin, it pretty much covers many of the major ballet musical pieces. They are used for effect. I can't even name them but I recognize the pieces when I hear them.

      Despite some of the repetive transformation sequences princess tutu tells stories within stories.

  2. So many cool sounding stories. I'm really enjoying this series even though (or because of, rather) knowing basically nothing. Seriously need to get started on that list.

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    1. I'm so glad you're having fun with my list . I am enjoying you're A to Z as well.

      Just wait until k. You'll see an interesting one that day!