Thursday, April 10, 2014

A to Z Challenge. CHAPTER NINE -- I

I remember scorching fire so powerful my integument blistered and melted in the raging inferno where my incondite prison did not protect me.  The sick, hollow feeling as I freefell.  Ice formed in the moist air, burning like acid on the wounds I had suffered.  The impact was a blur of agony and exploding dirt.  It rained down along with the broken remnants of the heat-mutated prison.  Shattered chunks thumped on my abused body and around the crater.

I remember the native inhabitants as they surrounded me.  The sun behind them caused their incarnadine flesh to glow pink.  

The sun was on the opposite side of the sky.  It seemed that I missed the night.  

I heard their whispers.  Their language was strange, unlike that which I knew.  Their awe at my appearance drew my attention.  They had never seen my like before.  I knew then that I could use them.  

Then one intrepid being ventured down where I lay.  It walked on my tortured carcass.  I wanted to squish the tiny head for the pain, but I could not move.  

Then something strange happened.  Instauration occurred between us.  This creature imbued me with its knowledge as I shared more.  He was I; I was he.  We became one in that moment.  

He did not tell them of our bond.  I knew that an inchoate idea had formed in his mind; an idea I fed him.  His will was my will.  I wanted free and he made it happen.  

The bond gave him powers beyond any those puny mortal had ever seen.  My gifts turned an insignificant being into a god among them.  I became his instrument for domination.  For a brief interstice, I let him use me.

Then he was gone through an internecine coup, and the leader of that coup took the bond.  His rage filled me with joy.  His wrath filled me with power.  I fed him sick desires for destruction.  
He was brought down, and another took his place.  Then the interregnums became shorter as those who wanted my power were taken from me.  

I had only begun to conquer the world, and I raged.  

I remember the last rebellion.  The city that became the epitome of power through me crumbled into dust in a blast of white light as if it had never been.  I was incapacitated by the magnitude.  

The survivors dragged me into the catacombs, burying me in the deepest pit.  There I saw one last face as they dug into my chest.  

I remember the feel of living flesh as blood pulsed rhythmically through its body.  My mind wakened to darkness, but my heart was free in the world.  It was far from me still, but it grew closer as I have urged it to do.  It follows my commands like my first.  It is strong and will serve me well.  

My time is coming. 

©djinnia 2014


  1. Ooooo. Great installment. I love this being mind and thoughts. It really adds to the story.

    ~Patricia Lynne~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, YA Author

    1. you don't know how much i struggled with this chapter. I just had to quit and go on to j. then i had a dream . . . (as cheesy as that sounds) and i had an epiphany! bam! first person presentish tense. thankfully it worked.

  2. Wow, you found some fabulous "I" words. I had to look up quite a few.
    Marlene at On Writing and Riding

    1. i think i went a little overboard now that i took a step back and really looked at it. only they were so cool that i just couldn't stop myself once i got into the groove of writing this chapter. for a while, it was like banging my head on a brick wall

  3. OK so aside from this being an awesome piece of writing, I totally envy all the "I" words. I--har har, had the hardest time even thinking of words that started with I, lol, let alone something that fit my theme! You rock!

    1. I just plowed through the word of the day archives for them. It was only time consuming and tedious. Good thing I have a eme folder with the daily words. It took me about half the alphabet before I remembered I had it!

  4. That really can't be good, can't be good at all. He does not sound like someone who should have a time.
    Tasha's Thinkings - AtoZ (Vampires)
    FB3X - AtoZ (Erotic Drabbles)

    1. Yeah wouldn't want to meet it on a dark night.

  5. Great chapter! Very intriguing. And I had to look up most of the words. Good job! :D