Tuesday, April 15, 2014


             The malediction that flew from Nándor’s mouth had Garrick’s jaw dropping.  His cousin never lost his stoic demeanor.  He watched in awe as Nándor paced like a caged animal around the room.  

            “You do realize, coz, that you shouting at her was not the most gentile thing you could have done.  I mean heartfelt words should be said when the object of their affection is awake,” Garrick pointed out, a moue of dissatisfaction on his face. 

            Nándor mussitated, a dark glare burning at Garrick.  

            Unfazed by the death threats, he continued magniloquently.  “Ruya!  Come back to me, Ruya!” 

            The only thing that saved Garrick from a bloodied face was the quiet words, “She’s waking.”

            The miasmal gloom surrounding Nándor lifted when he saw the conscious Ruya.  Concern etched his face when he saw her wince at the light.  “What’s wrong?”

            “Nothing, Alim said, bringing a vial of cloudy liquid with him.  “She is suffering the effects of a megrim.”

            Ruya took the vial but hesitated.  

            “It is nothing more than a simple mithridate,” Alim assured.

            “She was poisoned?”  Nándor’s moil was evident.  “When?”

            Alim  shook his head.  That is not what I meant.  This one is for when the body poisons itself.”  He offered the vial to her.  “Take it.  It will help,” he urged.  

            Ruya took the vial and drank.  She was surprised by the mellifluous taste.  

            Alim nodded in satisfaction.  “I found this mithridate in a text hidden away in a recess.  The ancient language is hard to decipher, but it holds so much knowledge.  It is a truly astounding book.”
            He motioned for Nándor.  “Let her rest now.”

            “We don’t know where to find him or even the route he’s taking,” Garrick said.

            “I can help with that.” 

            They jumped from their seats and moved to the doorway where Ruya stood.  They led her to a chair.  “How do you feel, princess?” 

             “Better.”  She smiled at Garrick but her expression quickly became a maelstrom.  “I know how to get there and when he will.”

            With that, she told them. 

©djinnia 2014


  1. Holy moly you dug up some good M words!
    Marlene at On Writing and Riding

  2. I kind of feel like I should tease Nador because it looks like he has a crush on Ruya. Or he might just be protective. After all, why does everything have to end in romance? Either way, wow, he lost his cool.

    ~Patricia Lynne~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, YA Author

    1. He's such a great character to manipulate because he is so straight laced and a bit uptight. That and he likes to be able to control his environment in a way. Ruya is just so out of his norm that he can't see which way is up.

  3. Seriously, how do you manage to use all these words and make it sound natural. That's a wonderful talent.

    1. I sort of write the story around the words. And it helps when I have a printed copy of meaning and what they are (noun, verb, etc.) on hand!

  4. Ruya just keeps getting better and better. :)

  5. So many great M words. And a good story to boot. Well done. :)

  6. Well now that's helpful, let's just hope it doesn't go back the other way so he's not expecting them with a trap.
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