Monday, December 22, 2014


So it is almost Christmas and the end of the year. Time flew for me.  It felt like a blink of an eye and the year was half over.

So what am I planning to do.

I'm working on my A to Z Challenge for April.  Waiting for announcements.  And working my regularly scheduled job.  Hmm.  Oh, yeah, I'm going to be baking and cooking my brains out in the next few days.  Sigh.  Lots of food though.  Pie.  Nom, Nom, Nom.

I'm reading again.  So, I may actually get to my Goodreads pile.  Crossing fingers and toes on that one.  I know I just have to pick up a book from it, but they are like decoration and I don't want to disturb the aesthetics of it. Hee hee.

As for next year, I have no idea what is going to happen.

Other than that, I'm girding my loins (heh heh) and gearing up for Christmas.

Cheers everyone.  Hope your holidays are fab!

Monday, December 1, 2014


Hey.  How is everyone on this fine freezing (here at least) day?

I'm fantastic.  NaNo is officially over.  I did not make my 15k but I was dang close.  14k and change.

Not bad considering I was using only an iPad and my work computer for it.  I sent in two of the four stories for Reuts.

To brag, I did make the top picks of the week.  SQUEE!  You can see it here:  Week Three Top Picks  Now it a waiting game to see if I get chosen as a finalist.  Then it's the wait for the final picks for the book.  Edit: Date is January 31st.

Last year, I was a finalist but didn't make the book.  So, I'm going to forget about it completely and enjoy reading some random things.

My friend made the 50k, but the story is not complete.  She will continue on and finish it.

Now, I will get back to normalcy and reading.  I've missed reading.  My poor Goodreads pile is scary.

OOO!  The Of Mist and Magic contest is going until December 15th.  Here is the link to the music: Eternal Rest of a Ronin