Monday, February 25, 2019


Image from Goodreads
This one was a bit different from the rest. I didn't start to read it as one of the challenge books. I picked it up because it sounded twisted, which I admit, I needed considering all the lighthearted manga and books I've been reading.

Challenge four of the Pop Sugar Challenge is: A book you think should be turned into a movie.

I found that as soon as I got into the book, I actually said to myself (in my head) that I would love to watch this. It was then that I realized that there was a challenge that fit this idea.

I was attracted to the cover at first, but once I read the premise, I hesitated on buying it. I took the plunge and ate that puppy up in one day.

The premise isn't unfamiliar. Serial killer who works with police. The Dexter series by Jeff Lindsay is an example of this.

Masquerade and the Nameless Women was a fun read for me. I would really love to have a second book that pits the serial killer and the rookie cop obsessed with finding him together.


image from Goodreads
I chose this book for: A book that includes a wedding. One -- because I read the first book and wanted to read the second, and Two -- because as soon as I saw it had a wedding in it, I was happy place it there (since I was not looking forward to finding a book with a wedding in it.)

I thought it was not quite as good as the first one. I wasn't a fan of the character Kitty Pong in the first book, and she ended up being a major character in this book.

Astrid's love life gets even more complex as Michael becomes an idiot when he makes millions. His whole personality changes into some monstrous version. I guess it was in him before, but it was sort of shocking to see.

I did enjoy the book enough to go on to the third one.