Monday, March 20, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017 -- Theme Reveal Ooo La La!!!!

So this is where I totally tell you my theme for this year's A to Z.

Last year was fun with the spookables and ghosties.  I learned quite a bit.  Surprisingly it payed off.

 I watched Gantz 00 on Netflix on the 11th and, OMG!, Japanese yokai everywhere!  Gantz is a gory story about dead people fighting in a death match against monsters in the cities of Japan.  They can die on the field or die by not killing all the monsters in the time allotted.  It was bloody, sick, and twisted CGI movie.  It has manga and an anime to boot.

But what got me to want to do this theme is Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale.  It is the second film in the most amazing anime, light novel,  manga, and video game series! Monsters of Aincrad have invaded the augmented reality game of Ordinal Scale.  The dangers become real when Kirito's friends  are targeted by an unknown enemy.

 I got to see it in the theater (Yay!) and it was amazing!

So now we come to it.  My theme:

My Favorite Anime Characters!

That's right! I'm delving into the world of anime. From demons and devils to swordsmen and heroes, I will cover a range of genres and of species.

Warning:  There will be Spoilers  I mean it!  Spoilers everywhere! Maybe even masses amounts of them.  If you're not into finding out the secrets of the anime universe, you are henceforth warned to stay away. Perusing these posts is hazardous to your spoiler free life.

This is the only warning I will give.  Be it at your peril.  Mwhahaha!