Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Okay, peeps, I'm doing something entirely new and different here.  A blogging friend has a book coming out, and I have the honor of posting about it.

Isn't the cover soooo pretty?  I just love the feel of it.  

The muted background  enhances the gold sparklies.

Where to find the Awesomeness:

Plus, she is having a giveaway on her blog between May 17th through the 31st.

So swing on over and try your luck!

The mystical Blurb

She used to be called Emelyn. She used to be nobody. Now she is Siyan--a creature of magic known as an And'estar. But Siyan doesn't understand what that means, just as she can't control the power that has woken within her.

Addigan worked her entire life to master the Art of magic and become a respected Magister, only to fail her final test. Scarred and desperate to prove her worth, Addigan pursues rumors of trees of power and a mysterious people called And'estar.

When Siyan heads into the dense and dangerous forest searching for answers, she doesn't realize Addigan is coming for her. In this twisting chase of hunter against hunted, Addigan must choose how far she is willing to go to prove herself. And Siyan must let go of everything she knows--and everything she loves--if she is to gain control over her power. Even if it kills her.

In a journey that follows the intertwined lives of two women, A Shadowed Spirit is a mystical tale that redefines the boundaries between life and death, dreams and reality, and what one is willing to sacrifice to achieve the happiness she seeks.

And last but not least Where to find the Author:


Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Yes, today is Star Wars fun day.

People, libraries, and so many others have fun by dressing and displaying books and movies of the epic series that spans almost three generations.

I made my first Star Wars fandom trip when I was six months old.  My mother told me that I loved R2D2 and the Jawas.

I revisited this epic moment when they first came out on VHS for the first time.  Then again when I was in college. That was when the remastered editions came out in theater in the mid 90s.

I have come to have a love/hate relationship with Jar Jar Binks from the first of the new trilogy.  My favorite happens to be the third movie where we return to the beginning of the of the original trilogy with the birth of Darth Vader.  And with him, the return of the most awesome of voices, courtsey of James Earl Jones.

I loved BB8.  He was my absolute favorite character next to Rey.

Kylo Ren, on the other hand, has my deepest, darkest thoughts of how to relieve him of life with the most pain possible.

(All pictures from Pixaby)


This year was a fun theme.  I love delving into mythologies and legends, ghosts and evil creatures, and even stories that are just urban myth.

I'm happy that I finished it.  It was very close to being the first one that I did not finish.

I still haven't been able to fix my computer, and I only get bits of time to post at work (aka lunch break and breaks).

So, V was almost not happening.  I had nothing on it the day before it was due, but I got it out and had the the last letters (except for z) written out.  Well, the informational stuff was written out on paper.  I still had to write the stories at the time of posting.

I didn't get to visit many blogs this year, but the ones I did were great.  Silver Fox had some awesome vintage Comic book Heroes and Villians.

Samantha came back in style with her gorgeous MUSIC and STORY with the fantastic contests that I love.

And I got followers!  That made my day.  Thank you!

I had a wonderful time.  See you again next year.