A to Z Challenge 2016

And so this is the third consecutive A to Z Challenge I've participated.  I've had fun doing it.  I love learning about different creatures, monsters, ghosts, and legends from around the world (and even close to home).

Here are the links to each letter.  At the bottom, I linked two of the sites I used so ya'll can have fun too!

A - Aka Manto 
B - Bus 302 (Midnight Bus), Boroboroton
C - Cóiste Bodhar
D - Dullahan, Dry Hands
E - Ekek
F - Furutsubaki no Rei
G - Gashdorkuro
H - Hone-Onna
I - Ittan Momen, Iso-Onna
J - Jeoseung Saja
K - Kee-Wakw
L - Loria do Banheiro
M - Mul Gwishin
N - Nukekubi
O - Oshiroibaba
P - Phi Tai Hong Tong Klom
Q - Qandisa
R - Red Room
S - Suiko
T - Tenome
U - Uktena
V - Vough
W - Wa Nyudo
X - Xiezhi
Y - Yamauba
Z - Zmeu

Japanese Yokai
Native American Legends