Monday, December 22, 2014


So it is almost Christmas and the end of the year. Time flew for me.  It felt like a blink of an eye and the year was half over.

So what am I planning to do.

I'm working on my A to Z Challenge for April.  Waiting for announcements.  And working my regularly scheduled job.  Hmm.  Oh, yeah, I'm going to be baking and cooking my brains out in the next few days.  Sigh.  Lots of food though.  Pie.  Nom, Nom, Nom.

I'm reading again.  So, I may actually get to my Goodreads pile.  Crossing fingers and toes on that one.  I know I just have to pick up a book from it, but they are like decoration and I don't want to disturb the aesthetics of it. Hee hee.

As for next year, I have no idea what is going to happen.

Other than that, I'm girding my loins (heh heh) and gearing up for Christmas.

Cheers everyone.  Hope your holidays are fab!

Monday, December 1, 2014


Hey.  How is everyone on this fine freezing (here at least) day?

I'm fantastic.  NaNo is officially over.  I did not make my 15k but I was dang close.  14k and change.

Not bad considering I was using only an iPad and my work computer for it.  I sent in two of the four stories for Reuts.

To brag, I did make the top picks of the week.  SQUEE!  You can see it here:  Week Three Top Picks  Now it a waiting game to see if I get chosen as a finalist.  Then it's the wait for the final picks for the book.  Edit: Date is January 31st.

Last year, I was a finalist but didn't make the book.  So, I'm going to forget about it completely and enjoy reading some random things.

My friend made the 50k, but the story is not complete.  She will continue on and finish it.

Now, I will get back to normalcy and reading.  I've missed reading.  My poor Goodreads pile is scary.

OOO!  The Of Mist and Magic contest is going until December 15th.  Here is the link to the music: Eternal Rest of a Ronin

Saturday, November 22, 2014


And so the end of NaNo is near.  One more week of writing madness to go through.

For those of you who do not know what NaNo stands for; it's NaNoWriMo or in long version, National Novel Writing Month.  It is where writers strive and most succeed to write 50,000 words in one month.

That's the goal anyway.  I do not do that.  I would hurt myself badly if I tried.  My inner editor is an evil witch and will not shut up no matter what I do to her.  Chains.  Whips.  Torture.  Drowning.  You name it I've done it, and she laughs in the face and comes back with a vengance.


So, instead I strive for the lofty goal of 15k or there about, which is somewhere where four short stories for Reuts Publications.

I have already expounded on their theme of Mythology this year.

As to the update itself.

I did not finish the Egyptian short story on time.  It did not get sent to them.
Sent in the Celtic and the Asian one.
Waiting for the parameters for the Eastern European one
Did a flash fiction for a site.
And have been plucking away at my own Mythological creation.

So far that brings my word total to 13.7k plus some change.  

And that my friends puts me right on my personal target.


Saturday, November 8, 2014


Okay so i'm totally copying this from Sam's Facebook post, but she totally has way better words than I do.

So, without further ado in Samantha's Words:

Today, November 8th, marks the one-year anniversary of Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. The world's most destructive storm devastated the Philippines, killing over 6000, displacing over 4 million and drastically affecting the lives of over 14 million people....
Over the past year, an incredible international team of composers, musicians, writers, graphic designers and films students, led by Peter Ebbinghaus, worked together for a creative solution in support of the relief efforts for the Philippines. This unparalleled collaboration gave rise to theComposers for Relief organization.
In honor of these continued efforts, the Composers for Relief will launch a new web site and release a CD version of the album! Please show your support by purchasing the album and companion ebook, Beyond the Binding, newly listed for $0.99!
Watch this heartwarming documentary, filmed by Jamal Daood and Ray Kril's talented team, YOLANDA'S GOT TALENT!
YOLANDA'S GOT TALENT PREMIERE 8 NOVEMBER 2014- the one year anniversary of the tragic storm Yolanda COMPOSERS FOR RELIEF

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


My lovely blogging buddy, writing pal, and all-around fabulous lady, Samantha Redstreake Geary is having another writing contest!!!


Really Slow Motion has a new album coming out.  It's called Of Mist and Magic.  I've listened to one of the songs and it is beautiful.

The prompt is a piece from the album.  In 500 words or less, retell a classic fairy tale and post it to her blog.

It's due before December 1st, peeps.

Not only can you win a digital copy of the album, but there is a chance to be published in companion anthology!!!  That's right, peeps.  Published.  That lovely magic word any writer aspires to have in their bio.

So, go forth and write.


Friday, October 31, 2014


SAMHAIN (pronounced sah-win, sow-in, sah-vin) is a Celtic word that means "summer end".

Blog that has Wheel of Year image
It is a the beginning of the Wheel of the Year and heralds the third and final harvest before winter.

In pagan and Wiccan religions, this is the time when the Goddess is in Her third aspect, the Crone.  She is symbolized by the waning moon.  It is said that the God dies before He is reborn at Yule, the Winter Solstice.  It is when those who have gone before are remembered.

It is believed that the veil between the worlds is thinned and that the dead could roam freely on the Earth.  One tradition during this time was called the Dumb (Silent) Supper.  As a sign of honor, a place was set at the table for the departed.  The plate was filled with food for their spirit guest.  The supper would be completely silent. It was believed that looking at the chair was bad luck.  Also, to placate any evil spirits roaming around, food was placed on the doorstep to ward them off.

Another tradition happened to be to wear a mask if one had to travel on that night.  It was to fool the spirits.

Where I found Pomona image
Even the Romans had similar traditions that were incorporated into Samhain.  Feralia -- when Romans commemorated the passing of the dead, and Pomona -- when the goddess of fruit and trees, Pomona, was honored.
Many use this time for divination.

As Catholicism spread, the church kept some of the practices from the original.  It was when All Soul's Day came about as well as the name All Hallow's Eve (Halloween) or All Saint's Day.

Interestingly Dia De Los Muertos has similar rituals as Samhain although it was an Aztec holiday.  It boasts of honoring the dead, spirit visitation, and the offering of food.

Originally it was a month long
Where my Google search found this image
celebration around August honoring the goddess Mictecacihuatl.  The Aztec were definitely not shy about the dead.  When Catholicism reached them, it was moved to the same time as Halloween.

Monday, October 27, 2014


Today Reuts has revealed the cultures for their projects.

They are:




–Eastern European

I'm a little sad to see that Native American, South American, and Oceanic ones are missing.  

I had some awesome creatures from a tribe in the Native American culture.  Sadly, I can't use it as a main story, but I will slip it in because I can and will.

Monday, October 20, 2014


That's right.  The rules are posted on ther blog here: Reutsway Rules

Monday, October 13, 2014


It's official!  We have a theme!

World mythologies!

Yeppers!  Now let's get out there and Start Your Research!

Hmm, that was sorta like cars start your engines . . . But it applies!  

Sunday, October 12, 2014


It's that time of year again!  It's the time of coffee, writing, coffee, writing, and STRESS!  That's right, folks!  It's NaNoWriMo time!  Woot!

30 days and 50k words.  Not that I have won.  I think I hit 15k last year.  So, I'm going for again this year.  

What can I say?  I like it!  I am masochistic enough to do it again for the third . . . Or is fourth time?  I don't remember.  

It is fun and rewarding.  So join in the crazy and write 'till your brain oozes out your ears and your fingers are numb!

Monday, October 6, 2014


That's right Peeps!  Reuts is unfurling the red carpet on the second round of crazy madness for NaNo.

Not only that they have a sign up for the the cover reveal and blitz for the release of last year's project!

So if you have trouble with NaNo (Like Me!) then this will be a great opportunity for prompt writing under pressure!  Stress and coffee and coffee and coffee . . . and that brick wall staring you in the face called --DU DU DUN! -- The Deadline!!


Come join the fun!  

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Tree of Life is now live.  This is for a truly great cause.  Please check out Samantha's gorgeous blog post with the amazing art work.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


So next month is October and the best holiday (IMO) is coming up!  HALLOWEEN!  WOOT!

As I cannot stop myself from just going all out, I have signed up for the Halloween Blog hop.  Sara Snider is hosting it.  Clicky on her name and join up.

Write a story, post an image, or do just about anything really as long it's Halloween related.

The rules for this blog hop are:

  1. Add your blog using the link tool found on Sara's Page.
  2. Grab the button to put on your blog to help spread the word (optional).
  3. On Halloween (Oct. 31), post your short story, poem, artwork, or whatever on your blog.
  4. Visit other people’s blogs to see what they’ve posted.
  5. Have fun!

Monday, September 22, 2014


Today is a world of Underrated Treasures, Peeps.  Brought to us by the awesome Alex J Cavanaugh.  These are things I love despite their obscure nature.

First off is the movie Slipper and the Rose.  This movie was made in 1976 and stars Richard Chamberlain.  Yes, I mean the Richard Chamberlain of Thornbirds and Shogun fame.

It takes place in 1700s Europe in a fictional country called Euphrania.  They need a political alliance with a larger nation to survive, but the Fairy Godmother has other plans and introduces Cinderella to the prince.

The landscapes are beautiful and the costuming!  The stunning array of knee breeches, embroidered coats, waistcoats, and even the lawn shirts is only rivaled by the OH-MY-GOD-I-CAN'T-BREATHE corseted bodices and pannier skirts during the ball scene.  Also the epic powdered wigs come out to haunt us with the premature aged effect along with those great beauty patches that look like ginormo -- I don't even want to say it. Hee hee.

It follows the Charles Perault version of the story and it is a musical.  Wait!  Before you run off to the hills in terror, let me tell you it's not like Rogers and Hammerstein (although the Disney version with Brandy wasn't bad).

Plus, it deviates from the original story.  Le Gasp!  Ol' Cindie is sent away!  In actuality, that is my favorite song.  Tell Him Anything is the "Get-Him-To-Hate-Me song, sacrificing her happiness for the good of her nation.  So rather than have the prince hate his father, she wanted the blame to be put on her.

It may have the gouda, cheddar, and colby jack moments, but who wouldn't want to see old men in froufrou with bouncing curls as they sing about protocol.  Heh heh heh.

Oh Ji Ho as Song Tae-ha
I have two tv shows that are underrated. First, Korean Dramas are underrated in general because you have to have the patience to read subtitles. Only I'm not talking about Boys Over Flowers, To the Beautiful You, or Playful Kiss.  Nope.  Those are some of the most popular ones.  I'm talking about Chuno specifically.

Chuno, or Slave Hunter, is a historical drama that has everything that makes for great watching: love, death, friendship, comedy, drama, romance, betrayal, epic sword battles, loss, and some gorgeous eye candy for those of the feminine persuasion.

Its about a nobleman who becomes a slave hunter, a slave girl that becomes a noble, and a man on a mission to save a prince.  Along the way, their paths cross in a complex interwoven web.  From court intrigue, assassinations, battle sequences, beautiful music, and a Romeo and Juliet-esque back story, this show is definitely underrated.

The Ghost Hunt Crew
The second is the anime Ghost Hunt.  I know a lot of animes are super popular.  Dragonball Z, Black Butler, Hellsing Ultimate, Sailor Moon Crystal, Sword Art Online and S.A.O II are just a few.

This is a manga/anime series based on a book series written by Fuyumi Ono.  (I want to read them so bad!!)

The series is about a teenager named Mai Taniyama who finds a video camera in an abandoned school.  She ends up causing an accident where the camera breaks and a man is injured.

Naru (as she calls him) hires Mai as his assistant while Lin, the injured man, recovers and to pay for the camera she broke.  She finds out that they are using equipment and experiments to find out if the school is haunted.  Think something along the lines of Ghost Hunters.

Lo and Behold, the principal who hired Naru also hired a monk, a miko (priestess), a spirit medium, and a Catholic priest.  This motley crew make up the assemble cast of the anime.  It's kinda like one of those bar jokes.  A monk, a miko, and a Catholic priest walk into a bar . . .

It's underrated because the book series did not get fully manga-ed or animated.  So there are missing story lines and hidden secrets still unrevealed -- well, unless you google them and read all those lovely spoilers.

Lastly, I want to talk about a book called Dragon's Bait by Vivian Vande Velde. It's not your typical
dragon story.  No, this dragon doesn't eat the girl; he helps her get revenge.

I love this book for the characters and how they tolerate but not trust each other.  Reading how Selendrile manipulates, pokes, and prods Alys to do things. Alys, on the other hand, learns that there are many shades of grey.  Even the dragon learns a thing or two by the end of the book.

It doesn't contain the insta-love or love triangles or, in some cases, decahedrons that newer YA seems to have.  Nope.  This book has more animosity between the main characters than anything.  

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Tree of Life

In the celebration of a life that has touched the lives of so many bloggers from around the globe, Samantha Redstreake Geary is creating a tribute to the life of Tina Downey.

This ebook is the collaborated efforts of 26 authors Tina included.  Each individual work from Tree of Life: Branching Out is connected to one of the beautiful pieces music from Audiomachine's album Tree of Life.

The stunning cover was created by Ryo Ishido.

The ebooks's proceeds will go to an education fund for her two boys.

I will add links when the book is available.  Let's celebrate this wonderful life together.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Figment is having a new monthly contest where we can choose your favorite video game and write a 1000 word story.

I'm having such a hard time choosing.  There are so many awesome ones that I can't decide.  There's Batman, Final Fantsy VII, Final Fantasy XII, Kingdom Hearts, even Goonies!  (Okay, that one ages my behind for those who remember the first Nintendo.)


So now I have the difficult decision of which one and what character!   Argh!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Today my family went to the park.  Not an unusual occurrence, true, but this weekend is special.  Today is the annual Frontier Days weekend.  There all various booths from out of town and local selling things  Community parade, games, competitions, and all sorts of things.

Every year,  for I don't know how long, my family waits for this event because of our favorite booth: the O.L.L.E. stand.

What is an O.L.L.E.? you ask.

It is a drink.  It's a combination of lemon, lime, orange juice (fresh from the fruit) with ice and maraschino cherries.  Or mana from heaven.

 With the sun beating down and the temp at 90+ degrees Fahrenheit (32+ Celsius), it is the most fantastic tasting thing.  So refreshing.

I drool thinking about it.

What's great is that they have cups that you can buy and then reuse every year.  It drops the price of a large drink by a dollar fifty.

Also, they have plain lemon, lime, or orange ades.  And you can get them sans cherries too for a more  tangy flavor.

Well, all I can say is that I'm dosed up on vitamin C.

And I can't wait to do it again next year!

Friday, July 18, 2014


There is a new writing contest as well as a slew of other awesome contests on Sam'sblog.

There is a new contest on Sam's blog.  It has a piece of music to inspire you.

Not only that there are three other contests too!  The first is an audiomachine one where you design a t-shirt using the logos and tags.  The second is creating a book trailer for the book Colin Frake.  The third is cover art for an album for Really Slow Motion.

The writing one is blipping epic.  Steampunk Vikings!!!  I know.  Too cool, huh?  All ya have to do is write a 500 word flash fiction and post it to the page.

The due date is August 9th, peeps.  So get on the ball and let that imagination shine!

Sunday, June 15, 2014


So here I am trying to get the 17.5k word minimum for the Tor submission.  I've only reached the lofty (ha ha!) word count of 1500 words in the last two weeks.

Between work and time management, I don't seem to find a lot of computer time.  I usually start writings with pen and paper, but I tried that this time.  It failed miserably. 

Anyway, I only have 15,928 more words to go!  Yay!

Steampunk is a new genre for me.  Of course, I had to add fantasy to it because it adds froufrou bits to an otherwise gritty (IMO) genre.  I don't do gritty well.  I need to work on gritty and dirty (Ah ah ah! Keep it clean, peeps!) scenes. 

It's fun to write, but it's a pain to keep notes for it.  Every time I make up a new spell or new object, I need to add it to the **cough cough** glossary.  there are over twenty items on the thing already, including ship terms, magic, terms used, place names, people, and technologies.

It's only going to grow larger. 

Of course, I'm sick and twisted enough to own a dictionary for sailing/ship terms as well as one that lists words related to each other.  So they have British officers titles together, Victorian clothes listed, and so many more things.  My Geek-dar goes off whenever I flip through all those pages.

But considering I love etymology and random, weird factoids, y'all shouldn't be surprised.

Some of the problem is that my usual writing spot, (right hand corner of the couch) is used each morning.  It's one of my favorite writing times.  So I'm using the dining room table and my feng shui is off because of it.  I also like writing late at night when everyone is in bed.  Only sometimes I'm so tired I can't keep my eyes open.  Le sigh.

See.  I did say it's the whining edition.

Now that it's all off my chest.  I will try to get another ten words out.  woo!

As they do in Korean dramas: Fighting!

Monday, June 2, 2014


Well, I've learned that Tor is opening for unsolicited novella manuscripts for their new imprint, which is entitled Tor Imprint.

Tor is one of the major publishers that focus mainly on sci-fi and fantasy.

So dust off those short stories and polish them all nice and shiny.  You have until the end of August.

Here is the blog post announcing it:  Tor Post

The submission guidelines link is:  Imprint Guidelines

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Well, I just found this the other day when I received a blog post.

I checked it out and thought it was neat so I entered.

Here is the link to the the details that I would mangle horribly.

Saturday, May 3, 2014


This odyssey began last year when I found out about the challenge.  I declined that year.  This year I took up the challenge and entered in February and decided that I would do a story.  Crazy, huh?

How crazy was I?  Let me tell you: Pretty blipping crazy!

I thought I would do maybe a page for each entry, but the story took over.  Luckily I had up to M done by the end of March.  April was a scramble to keep up with my posts.  I started with a two week lead.  By the end of the month, I had only two days to finish Y.

On top of that, I got a head cold.  Woot!  10% alcohol chugged at 6 hr. intervals.  Let's just say I was a little high as a kite when writing Y.

Heck, Z was written and scheduled back when I was supposed to be writing S.  Heh heh heh.  In hindsight, that was a good thing.  Non-linear writing.  My forte.  Know what happens afterward and you can write what happens before that.

And then I chapter!  Insert Expletives and Curse Words here!  Oh my giddy goodness!  This chapter had me.  I could not figure out how to write it.  It was crap-tastic the three other times I tried.  I was ready to bang my head against a brick wall.  (I have access to one, and I would have done it too!)  Then Lo and Behold!  I HAD A DREAM!  No, I mean that literally.  I had a dream about it.  And there it was.  Completely change the p.o.v. and tense. Who the heck cares how random it is!  It worked. 

So thinking on it, I don't write A to Z.  What the hell was I doing when I signed up for a challenge that required it!

On to the mushy and heart-wrenching stuff.

As I look back on the last month, I have to grin.  I found some wonderful new blogs and learned so many new things that didn't know about mythology, monsters, fairy tales, morbidity, and grammar.

I have to thank the PTBs that make the annual Blogging from A to Z Challenge possible.  THANK YOU! 

I also want to thank the wonderful peeps that popped up on my blog every day and commented.  I felt the love!

First off, to the lovely lady that pointed out this awesome challenge to me, Sam.  Thank you for believing me so much. 

Sara, you were my first comment on the first day.  Not only that you were with me the entire way.  Yggdrasil will never be forgotten!  Your posts were fantastic.

Patricia, I have to say wow!  You kept me entertained with your fantastic flash fictions with those terrifying words!  Thanks for sticking with me!

Li, I had fun with all those neat posts about character development and all those links to the tests.  The results were kinda scary . . . 

Mina, those posts on monsters were fantastic.  I had a blast reliving some of them from childhood and reading about ones I never saw.  Btw, love the monster links for the social websites.  Where did you get those? 

Marlene, those grammar lessons came in handy.  I realize I need to have remedial grammar lessons! =D

Then there are all those fantastic blogs I found that also had stories, recipes, ghosts, fictional characters.  I had a great time reading each day.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by during the challenge.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


           The zephyr blew her thick hair back as she stood on the balcony of their bedroom. The sun painted the jagged sky a gorgeous palette of crimsons and oranges. She breathed in the cool air in contentment.    

           The rugged fortress home appealed to her. It reminded her of the Aerie in that was cradled in a valley of those same rugged mountains. The forest was tame here, but it was still a breathtaking sight.

           Below her, in the main hall, she knew that the zakuski were being plated and the zitherist was giving her instrument the last bit of tuning. Tonight was the anniversary celebration of their marriage. The jubilation would commence the moon’s zenith.   

            Two years. She said a prayer to thank the Zeitgeist for giving them such zephyrean benevolence. Only the minor conflicts between lords and petty disputes between neighbors had plagued them. The diplomatic relations between the bordering countries were strong.

            A knock sounded on the door. “Enter.”

            The door opened and a loving rogue strode into the room. His eyes lit up as he saw her come into the room, closing the balcony doors behind her. A scar curved over his left eye, a permanent reminder of Phaeris. 

            “How is my zaftig woman?” he asked as he touched the obvious bump with a gentle hand.

            A snort escaped her as a second person entered the room. “My wife would much better off if you would quit manhandling her with such zeal all the time.”

            “But, coz, she doesn’t mind it. Do you, Ruya?” Garrick asked with a pathetic puppy look.

            “No, I don’t mind,” she answered as she gave his hand a tender squeeze before approaching Nándor.

            Nándor pressed a kiss to Ruya’s temple. “Don’t encourage him. It only makes him worse.”

            “Still jealous?”

            Nándor gave Garrick a speaking look. “Don’t push your luck, coz, or you’ll find yourself on the training fields with the first years.”

            Horror washed over Garrick’s face. He raised his hands in supplication and backed toward the door. “Oh no! Anything but that!” he groaned. “Will you let your husband torture me?”

            Ruya giggled. “Why not? They could not ask for a better teacher. The story of your scar is legendary. They will flock all over you in worship.”

            Garrick made a disgusted sound and said, “You’re as bad as he is.”

            They watched as he hastened out of the room; their laughter ringing out into the corridor.

©djinnia 2014

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A to Z Challenge. CHAPTER-TWENTY-FIVE -- HEARTSTONE {PG-13 for gore and violence}

           Garrick’s yawp echoed.  His sword fell from slack fingers, clanking harshly on the stone.  His knees buckled.  He toppled to the ground and did not move.  
            Ahriman spat on the downed man, kicking him in the side.  “I knew you would show your true loyalties.  Did you really think that I would trust you?  You stupid fool.”

            His head snapped up, his dark gaze burning.  “And now for you, brother,” he said, a smile creeping up his face.  “I knew you would try to stop me, but you’re too late.”

Strange whirring noises came followed by chains clanking.  The earth hummed in vibration.  Ahriman’s arrogance vanished as his eyes widened in reverence at something behind Nándor.  “Behold Erra.  The great metal beast from the sky.”  

The yen in his brother’s voice shook Nandor.  Erra, the monster of legend.  The thing that destroyed Phaeris. Was he too late?  Was there time to stop it?

Nándor stepped to the side to see a monstrous metal creature rising from the ground.  Vaguely shaped like a man, where the eyes should be was glowing violet glass.  Light seeped from streaks along its face, shoulders, and chest.  

Erra’s metallic face stood a man’s height taller than Nándor.  The width of the chest was the size of a small building.  Pockmarks and scrapes marred the armor plating. 

A hissing sound had him shuffling away.  He watched as the chest opened to reveal a cavity.  Blinking lights flashed as they let Nándor see the interior.  Alien magic surrounded a lone throne.  Above the throne, there was an orbital hole, and Nándor assumed it was where the sacred object rested.   


“No, Ahriman.  You’ve resurrected something evil.  It wants to destroy our world.”  

Ahriman eyes sharpened as if returning to the real world.  “You know nothing, brother.  You will not stop me,” he hissed, raising his sword to attack. 

Nándor blocked the downward strike.  He clenched his teeth as his arm almost gave way.  Ahriman’s unrelenting strikes sent shockwaves of pain with every parry, and he mentally cursed as sweat sprouted all over his body.  

Ahriman laughed, watching his brother tire.  In a yare volley of moves, he trapped Nándor’s sword with his own.  A forearm stopped the fist aimed for his face.  He rammed his own fist into Nándor’s ribcage. 

Nándor’s yielding knees hit the ground hard.  Muscle spasms ripped down his side.  His eyes rose to see Ahriman’s gloating expression.  “And now you die.” 


            The sword weighed the world as it scraped across the stone.  They had not noticed in their fight.  

Nándor was losing.  His arm seemed weak.  Had he been injured?  Did he have the strength to hold out long enough?

Worry threatened, but it was pushed aside for the job ahead.  The object needed to be destroyed.  Without it, the monster was powerless.  Without it, the world was safe.

You don’t want to do this.  We can rule this pathetic planet.  Join me.

Ignoring the hollow voice, trembling arms raised the sword and brought it down upon the podium.  It missed the stone but hit where the violet power still poured.  The strange protrusion cracked and tiny bolts of energy shot out causing a shock. 

You will regret this!  I will not allow you to destroy me.  I’m more powerful than you can imagine.  

The sword rose again.  This time it skittered off the stone and lanced the same spot.  Power surged.  Sparks shot forth.  The thrumming warped to a sick jangle.  

“And now you die.”  

The words burned like terrible acid then were shoved far away.  The sword lifted for the third time.


            The sword was poised to fall when he folded in on himself.  His eye veered to Erra.  “What have you done?”

            His steel grip bruised her arms.  He shook her hard before flinging her away.  

            Ruya slammed into the ground.  A cry escaped as pain exploded in her hip and arm.  She watched as the Ahriman raged.

            Purple fire crawled over the broken conduit oozed across the podium.  It spread like lava down to the ground, where it breached the other conduit tubes.  It poured into the deep crevasse where Erra had rose.  

            Retrieve the Heartstone!  Do it now, Ahriman!
            She heard the words.  Her chest clenched in horror.  

Foot-tall flames encompassed the podium.  Ahriman plunged his hands into the fire without fear.  It was as if he did not feel the blisters and cracked skin oozing.  It had no impact on him.  He only laughed as his ruined appendages withdrew from the blaze with the stone.  
He moved toward Erra.  “We will kill them all, Erra.  We won’t let anyone stop us,” he said as he took the first step into chest.

           He grunted as Nandor threw himself onto Ahriman’s back.  He used his body weight to yank Ahriman back onto the outcropping.  Nándor wrapped his hand around Ahriman’s ruined arm and jerked it toward him. 

            The blackened fingers released the object.  It flew behind them, bouncing then rolling toward Garrick’s prone body. 
            The men brawled.  This was her chance.  She scrambled to reach the object.  Her heart lurched at Garrick’s death, but then, she took the dagger from his belt sheath.  

            An ominous creak echoed.  The shriek of twisting metal squealed from below. 

            Ahriman threw Nándor off with a groan, watching his brother hit the ground and roll once.  Purple fire raged as Ahriman whirled to face Ruya.  “Give me the stone.”

            Ruya shook her head, raising the dagger.  As he rushed forward, she brought the dagger down with all her strength.  A sharp cracking, almost too quiet to hear, sounded.  The cacophonous thrumming stuttered, pulsed, and then stopped altogether.  

            NOO-oo-o-o . . .

            Ahriman roared.  His oozing fingers readied to strangle her.  Without warning, a blade flew passed her peripheral vision, followed by a hand, and then an arm.  

            The blade pierced Ahriman just under the ribcage.  He staggered back and fell.

            Ruya turned to see Garrick’s blood covered face.  “Garrick!”

            Groaning, he fell back on his haunches.  “Hello, princess.  Can we leave now?”

            They helped each other to their feet, tottering toward Nándor.  He had risen and was shaking his head to clear it.  His eyes widened in astonishment when he saw them.  

            Screeching metal had all their gazes flying toward Erra.  It yawed left then right.  The fissures of light along its body ignited.  Flares shot out before the inferno exploded. 

            The outcrop platform shook.  “We need to leave now!” Nándor shouted.

            “Nándor!  Hurry!” Tién yelled as warriors rushed up to them.  Then in a flurry, arms clamped around each of them and ferried them down the stairs.  Next thing they knew, they were far from the firestorm, far from the city. 

            As Tién took care of their wounds, Ruya shivered.  The legendary city burned purple, and with it, the twisted evil that had fallen from the sky.  

A warm hand cupped her side, and she pressed her cheek against him.  “It’s over,” she whispered.

Nándor hugged her closer.  “Yes.  It’s finally over.”

©djinnia 2014