Sunday, June 15, 2014


So here I am trying to get the 17.5k word minimum for the Tor submission.  I've only reached the lofty (ha ha!) word count of 1500 words in the last two weeks.

Between work and time management, I don't seem to find a lot of computer time.  I usually start writings with pen and paper, but I tried that this time.  It failed miserably. 

Anyway, I only have 15,928 more words to go!  Yay!

Steampunk is a new genre for me.  Of course, I had to add fantasy to it because it adds froufrou bits to an otherwise gritty (IMO) genre.  I don't do gritty well.  I need to work on gritty and dirty (Ah ah ah! Keep it clean, peeps!) scenes. 

It's fun to write, but it's a pain to keep notes for it.  Every time I make up a new spell or new object, I need to add it to the **cough cough** glossary.  there are over twenty items on the thing already, including ship terms, magic, terms used, place names, people, and technologies.

It's only going to grow larger. 

Of course, I'm sick and twisted enough to own a dictionary for sailing/ship terms as well as one that lists words related to each other.  So they have British officers titles together, Victorian clothes listed, and so many more things.  My Geek-dar goes off whenever I flip through all those pages.

But considering I love etymology and random, weird factoids, y'all shouldn't be surprised.

Some of the problem is that my usual writing spot, (right hand corner of the couch) is used each morning.  It's one of my favorite writing times.  So I'm using the dining room table and my feng shui is off because of it.  I also like writing late at night when everyone is in bed.  Only sometimes I'm so tired I can't keep my eyes open.  Le sigh.

See.  I did say it's the whining edition.

Now that it's all off my chest.  I will try to get another ten words out.  woo!

As they do in Korean dramas: Fighting!


  1. Good luck getting those words out - sounds like a fun project. I just finished an MG book, but my critique group let me know it needed some serious revising. I really need to learn to outline.

    1. Thank you. I'll need it.

      I'm glad you have a critique group. I'd kill for one.