Saturday, October 6, 2012


Now, as everyone knows, there is no way to stop dogs from roughhousing when they get playful.  As long as they don't try to hurt each other, what's the harm, right?

The harm is that--when it's O'Dark 30--the thundering herd Nascaring around the living room and dining room along with the thumps and growls of play wakes you up.  On a weekend.  Before the sun even rises.

What's worse than that?  The Chuie barking like mad as the other two play.  Clear across the house.  With the door closed.  And still loud enough to be heard by half-asleep ears.

Ignore the paws thumping against the floor and the body whacks against the furniture.  Turn over and cuddle under the lovely warm covers, and then . . . YAP!  BARK BARKITY BARK BARK! YAPPITY YAP YAP YAP YAP YAP . . . ad infinitum

Who really wants to yell at two stupid dogs before the first glorious sip of coffee?  I don't.  It just ruins my day.  It does.

What's even more horrible is when they get all, "You're awake!  Yay!  Look how cute I am!"  Tail wag and happy faces.  Chibi eyes all aglow with joy.

ARGH!  Must not give in to the cuteness . . . must not give in . . .

Ever have a dog just purr when he sees you?  It sounds like a an open-mouth growl but not.  It's really quite different.

Let's just say that I caved.  The glittery chocolate eyes and the purred greeting along with the white one's tail wagging so hard, she created a current of air.

Why do we suffer the torments of early wake up calls?  Why?

Maybe because they make up for it by loving us, cuddling us, kissing us, playing with us, and, as for my dumb dog and the Chuie, talking to us.

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